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GFXN's Rules

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GFXN's Rules

Post by DarkNess on Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:39 am

First of all, welcome to GFX Network. We hope you have a great time with us. Please read these rules carefully and follow them, if you don't, it'll result in warnings or bans.

- No sex/pornography talk.
- No insulting other, respect eachother.
- No fightning.
- No spamming (you are not allowed to double post within 24 hours of your last post, you are not allowed to post less than 5 words, the only exception is in the "Off-Topic" section).
- Don't give out your personal information.
- Maximum size signature is 400 * 150px.
- No religious/racist comments.
- No PM advertising.


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